Published On: Sat, Dec 29th, 2012

What Happened That Night With Delhi Gang Rape Girl Damini

Read the Whole Story Of Damini Below this Gallery :-

Story Of Damini :

That night bus driver Ram Singh went out with his 6 friends the girl and the guy was called by the driver and were given proper tickets ( the bus was a school bus with black curtains .. Not permitted for transport use )

The girl was 23 a very good student and wanted to reach dwarka mor. After they got in, the bus guys hit a rod on the guys’s head and threw him out, then raped the girl one by one which was moving continuously in the posh areas of delhi and ncr.

After raping her badly , one of them inserted a very long rod in her V****a which almost killed her and threw her out and ran away. She was lying in the middle of the rod hurt and nude..

Delhi Gang Raped Girl Damini

Delhi Gang Raped Girl Damini

Not even single person helped her or covered her for an hour. When police came in no one
helped them pick her up. They were just not interested at all. The girl’s v*****a + small and large intestine is totally damaged and she cannot live a married or normal life.

Punishment for rape in Yemen

Punishment for this sin in Yemen

Punishment in Lebnanin for Rape

Punishment in Lebnanin for This sin

this sin

Doctor said ” main bayan nahi kar sakta ki ussne kya kya zheela hai … Bolte hue muzhe dard hota hai “.
She has gone in coma 5 times from 16th December. She is unconscious , critical and is not stop crying. The ribs are damaged as well.

That’s the whole story And that’s what Delhi people are. And her only fault was that she took a wrong bus.

You have sisters , mothers , daughters and so many females at home. Please don’t sit and relax Its not that small deal … Its about your families safety..

And also hope that these bloody bastards are punished with the toughest punishment possible.

If this incident took place in Saudi Arabia the accused would have been beheaded. Dont know when India would have such serious punishments for crimes like this.

In the hospital she said “I want to live I dont want to die doctor, Please make me well.”

This innocent girl Damini died today after a long struggle with life.

Photos :- Damini Death Protest Pic 


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  1. द्रोपदी शस्त्र उठा लो, अब गोविंद ना आयंगे, छोडो मेहँदी खडक संभालो खुद ही अपना चीर बचा लो | द्यूत बिछ says:

    द्रोपदी शस्त्र उठा लो, अब गोविंद ना आयंगे,
    छोडो मेहँदी खडक संभालो खुद ही अपना चीर बचा लो |
    द्यूत बिछाये बैठे शकुनि, मस्तक सब बिक जायेंगे,
    सुनो द्रोपदी शस्त्र उठालो, अब गोविंद
    ना आयेंगे |
    कब तक आस लगाओगी तुम, बिक़े हुए अखबारों से,
    कैसी रक्षा मांग रही हो दुशासन
    दरबारों से |
    स्वयं जो लज्जा हीन पड़े हैं, वे क्या लाज बचायेंगे,
    सुनो द्रोपदी शस्त्र उठालो अब गोविंद
    ना आयेंगे |
    कल तक केवल अँधा राजा,अब गूंगा बहरा भी है,
    होठ सील दिए हैं जनता के, कानों पर पहरा भी है |
    तुम ही कहो ये अश्रु तुम्हारे, किसको क्या समझायेंगे |
    सुनो द्रोपदी शस्त्र उठालो, अब गोविंद
    ना आयेंगे |
    द्रोपदी शस्त्र उठा लो, अब गोविंद ना आयंगे,
    छोडो मेहँदी खडक संभालो, खुद ही अपना चीर बचा लो

  2. Meenu teotia says:

    Bastards ke hatho pairo ko kaatkar aise hi chhod diya jaaye taki pata chale dard kya hota hai.maut to unke liye bahut chhoti saja hogi

  3. this not digestible , if we see politicians life how many of them like ram sing in there younger age thats why they have cold blood . Damni brutally raped every politician know what happen with her but nobody came in open protest like human being because they dont bother only wants chair . its time to take matter in our hand just like tit for tat .i dont like sarkar any more.

  4. mohanapriya says:

    iam only 18 yrs old girl, i juz wanted to became a doctor but all my dream were destroyed by my father at my 14yrs. without my knowledge i was treated with some drugs & i was sexually torch-red by him, when i came to know dis i committed to suicide and undergone for treatment of 1yr, i was in comma , lost my unconscious & i lost my memories due to the tablets, i was mentally sick for 6 months after a long struggle i was back again to dis world again i met o lot of men in this society including the advocates who invested my case & the cop.and the hostel i was in, i juz came across everything & became bold myself because of my cicatrices doctor. and still dis society has avoided me my life is totally different. DEAR DAMINI DIDI I WAS JUZ PRAYING FOR U, BUT DIDI YOUR R REALLY LUCKY U PASSED WAY I JUZ PRAY FOR YOUR SOUL TO BE IN PEACE. I SAID YOU LUCKY BECAUSE I DONT HAVE COURAGE TO DIE & IAM JUZ AVOIDED BY DIS SOCIETY AND TREATED SO BADLY RIGHT NOW.

    • DakshaNews says:

      Dear MohanPriya,

      I am the admin of this website. I read your comment, Your story is very emotional & painful. I can understand your situation… I can feel your helplessness.
      Dakshanews can raise voice to help you, to support you & we are sure you`ll get justice.

      But I need to confirm you are a real human being… & this story really happened with you.

      I checked you email id on Facebook & many other community sites. Your profile was not available.

      Please provide some genuine proof & we`ll help you if your story is true.

      DakshaNews Admin.

  5. Kirti Khanduja says:

    They shud nt b hangd easily…..tadpa tadpa k marna chaiye un rapist jse logo ko….

  6. Pradipta says:

    kamino ko to maut se v kadi sajaa chahiye….. Sirf delhi nahin kya sarkar se hum a puchh sakte hain ki hamare maa aur behan kitne safe hain is desh main????????????????????

  7. sunny says:

    I pray to god to give good thinking of today’s people’s which have very bad though

  8. Rajeev chauhan says:

    Agar Sarkar ne is ke liye kuch step nahi liya tau hamara durbhagya hoga ki hamne kis desh mein janam liya hai jis jagar aaise darindgi ka khel khela gaya or koi kuch karne wala nahi hai

  9. Adeel says:

    I think best punishment for these bastards will be to shuv the same steel rod in ther ass and take it out from their mouth until they die , I am from Pakistan but really sorry for that girl who have faced such a brutal act of voilance Bhenchodoo ko nahi chorna meri country main hota to main to khudh ghusss kar phad deta haramioon ko please guys sorry for my french but I just can’t control my emotions as such a beautiful innocent life being destroyed like that argggg

  10. Ashish says:

    salo ko kaat ke fak do ya phir mje saup do madarchodo ko me btata hu kya saza hoti hai

  11. Ashish says:

    motherfuckers ko kaat kai fek do ya mje saup do me btata hu kya saza hoti hai. i m with u damini.

  12. sanjana ralput says:

    Saptarshi is ryt… nd in kutto k gande rakshash jaise dimag me to lambi lambi suiya dalwani chahiye hr ek ladki se or baad me tadpne k liye chhod dena chahiye…

  13. Beraham duniya
    Bedard jahaan
    ab main aaongi na yahaan………..
    kyon maa tume mujhe janm diya…
    kyon bitiya dekh mera gala na daba diya
    kash tune aisa kiya hota
    to aaj maine ye zehar na piya hota
    vehashi duniya
    bedard jahaan ab main an aaoongi yahaaaan

  14. Mr.Robinsan Borde says:

    in delhi whatever the consequences are going on;these are making us to think that,whether the womens are secure or not!
    infact if the same thing had been done with any polititian,then the rapiest wont survive free as present and along with that instead of giving punishment,our Indian govt. still disscussing on that………….this determines that that the govt is handicaped and feels ashamed!

  15. ROHIT GUPTA says:

    Sab bhool gaye kya damini ko, ya fir abhi tak so rahe ho,,

  16. ROHIT GUPTA says:

    Sab bhool gaye kya damini ko, ya fir abhi tak so rahe ho kya,,

  17. Gumnaam says:

    kutton ke bachho ke sharir ka ek ek hissa kaat dena chahiye puri duniya ke saamne aur youtube ppar daal dena chahiye iski video taaki koi sappne me bhi soch sake aisa karne ki…

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